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Delegation of Nilai University College of Malaysia Visited SDWU


On the afternoon of October 18, Justin Yang, Vice President of Nilai University College of Malaysia, together with Zhang Liang, Dean of the International School,  and Lian Xiaoliang, Director of Chinese Market, visited our university. Wang Shuxia, Vice President of Shangdong Women’s University, together with officials in charge of the Office of International Exchange and Communication received the guests.

During the meeting, Wang Shuxia extended warm welcome to the visitors from Nilai University College and briefly introduced basic information of our university, including its history, subject setting, characteristic of school running and international exchanges. Vice President of Nilai University College expressed his sincere thanks for the warm reception of our university and also introduced the information of school running. Later, the two parties had in-depth communication over issues of subject setting, projects of exchanges and so on, reached a lot of consensus and decided to cooperate on many areas, including students exchange, junior college students upgrading to graduate students, and undergraduate students upgrading to graduate students. After the meeting, the two universities signed the memorandum of cooperation.

Established in 1996, Nilai University College of Malaysia is a private university of Malaysia qualified by the People’s Republic of China. There are seven faculties or centers of the university, including Faculty of Business, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Hotel Management, Faculty of Engineering, Center for Postgraduate Studies and Research and Faculty of Chinese, providing diploma education for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students.(Li Xiaoqin)