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President of Mount Saint Vincent University of Canada Visited SDWU


On the afternoon of September 12, Ramona Lumpkin, President of Mount Saint Vincent University of Canada, visited our university. Fan Suhua, President of Shandong Women’s University, and Wang Shuxia, Vice President, received the visitor warmly and held a meeting. Officials in charge of the Office of International Exchange and Communication also attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Fan Suhua extended heated welcome to Lumpkin. The two parties introduced some information to each other, including the university’s history, subject setting and international exchange and cooperation, and had in-depth communication over the issues of cooperation, including scientific research cooperation in key areas like Preprimary Education and Senior Citizens Service, collaborative projects in undergraduate advantageous majors and “3+1”, “2+2” cooperation projects for both junior college students and undergraduate students of the same major. At the same time, the two parties agreed to promote students’ short-term exchange and summer camp activity and have cooperation and communication on training teachers. In addition, the two parties discussed the issues of cooperating with creative forms and expanding areas of cooperation, expressing their wishes to work together and promote the development of the global women’s higher education. In the end, Fan Suhua and Lumpkin signed the memorandum of cooperation. After the meeting, Lumpkin visited the campus and spoke highly of the campus management and cultural characteristic of the school.

Mount Saint Vincent University is located in the eastern coast of Atlantic ocean and situated in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Established in 1873, the university initially devoted to women’s education and was once the only independent women’s university of Canada. Although the university began to enroll male students since 1967, it kept its ideology of school running as providing higher education for women, with its subjects including family research, geriatrics, children’s education, nutriology, women’s research, public relations, information technology, tourism and hotel management.