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Delegation of Japanese Kanto Gakuin College Visited SDWU


On the morning of July 13, the delegation of six members led by Gui Ju Da Yi, President of Kanto Gakuin College, visited our university. Zhao Guanghong, Researcher of Shandong People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries,  accompanied the visitors.Guo Cuifen, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Women’s University, and Wang Shuxia, Vice President of Shandong Women’s University, received the delegation. Officials in charge of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation and the School of Continual Education attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Guo Cuifen extended heated welcome to Gui Ju Da Yi on behalf of our university and made a brief introduction to the university’s history, subject setting, characteristic of school running and international exchange. Gui Ju Da Yi expressed his sincere thanks for the warm reception and also introduced the situation of school running of Kanto Gakuin College. Members of the meeting had in-depth discussions on the issue of strengthening cooperation and reached lots of consensus, planning to cooperate in many areas, including students’ exchange, teachers’ training and academic cooperation, and determining to sign the memorandum of cooperation recently.

Coordinated by Shandong People’s Association of Friendship with Foreign Countries, the delegation of Kanto Gakuin College entrusted by Japanese Jissen Women’s University discussed the issue of students’ exchange for details. Japanese Jissen Women’s University plans to visit our university in November, 2016 and send students to study in our university for half a year in April, 2017.

Established in 1884 and located in Yokohama now, Japanese Kanto Gakuin College has ten faculties or departments and over 10,000 students now on campus. Japanese Jissen Women’s University is a famous Japanese women’s university established in 1899. (Li Xiaoqin)