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Delegation of Moscow City University Visited SDWU and Gave Performances


On April 21, the National Chorus of Moscow City University visited our university and gave a concert full of characteristic Russian style. Officials and some teachers and students of the School of Education watched the performance.

Before the performance, the two parties had communications over vocal music, instrumental music and other areas. Officials of the Art and Culture Institute of Moscow City University introduced basic information of the university and its national chorus. Students’ performance showed the origin and development of Russian folk songs.

In the afternoon, Russian teachers and students gave excellent performance to audiences, singing and dancing with many classic Russian folk songs, including “Boundless Pasture”, “White Snow”, “Tender and Lively Girl” and “Cabbage, Cabbage”, covering the Pre-Christian folk songs of ancient Russia to Cossack folk songs, religious songs, group dancing and ethnic dancing of Russia from 18th century to 19th century. Quick and happy rhythm with characteristic Russian style touched every audience, with heated applause filling the room now and then. A group of nostalgic songs of Soviet Union marked the ending of the performance.

After the performance, Jiang Shangrong, a Chinese teacher of Moscow City University,  gave excellent guidance on vocal music to students, benefiting students with advanced ideology on sound and excellent exemplary explanation. At the same time, Professor Song Xiaoxia from the School of Education of Shandong Women’s University also taught a lively class on vocal music for students of Russian National Chorus.

The meeting and performance enhanced understandings of each other and strengthened the mutual friendship, promoting the cultural communication between China and Russia.

Moscow City University is the second largest normal university of Russia, ranking among the top ten comprehensive Russian universities. The National Chorus of Moscow City University was established at the time the university was built and won lots of awards and honors in various music competitions and joint performances, being a unique scene and symbol for the university. In 2014, the chorus participated in the New York International Music Festival and got lots of praises as well as the golden medal and certificate awarded by the Mayor Brooklyn. (Li Jinrui)