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Delegation of Taiwan I-Shou University Visited SDWU


On the afternoon of April 11, Xiao Jiefu, President of Taiwan I-Shou University, together with Wei Yongzhong, Director of the Office of Students Affairs,  and  Hong Zhixun, Vice Director of Cross-Strait Affairs,visited our university. Guo Cuifen, Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Women’s University, together with Su Jianpei, Deputy Secretary, and Wang Shuxia,Vice President, received the delegation. Officials in charge of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Department of Students’ Affairs and some secondary departments attended the meeting.

Guo Cuifen extended sincere welcome to the delegation led by President Xiao Jiefu on behalf of our university and looked back on the cooperation between the two universities since the signing of the framework protocol last year, especially the visit of our university to I-Shou University, which enhanced the mutual understanding of each other, promoted collaborative training of students, teachers’ academic communication, teaching and research cooperation and enlightened our university on the cultivation of applied talents by its “Combing Learning with Application” mode, hoping that the two universities could achieve common development by cooperation on many areas. Xiao Jiefu introduced I-Shou University’s development plan, characteristic of school running, subject setting and friendly communication with universities of Chinese mainland and expressed the wish to have in-depth cooperation with our university. During the meeting, members of the two parties had detailed discussions over the issues of students exchange. After the meeting, Wang Shuxia accompanied the delegation to visit the library and history museum of the university and introduced to visitors the initial state and the development of the university.

Created by entrepreneur Lin Yishou in 1990, Taiwan I-Shou University now has 8 schools with 40 departments, 18 master classes and 7 doctoral classes, including the School of Science and Engineering, the School of Engineering and Computer, the School of Management, the Medical School, the Language School, the School of Tourism, the School of Communication and Design and the International School, with many majors receiving global acknowledgements. For many years, I-Shou University has been devoted to communicating with universities of Chinese mainland, with over 30 universities of Chinese mainland being its partners, receiving the largest amount of exchanged students from Chinese mainland as compared to other universities in Taiwan.