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Delegation Led by Zhu Ming, Deputy Director of “Metropolitan Women(Du Shi Nv Bao)”, Visited SDWU



On March 29, the delegation of six members led by Zhu Ming, Deputy Director of “Metropolitan Women(Du Shi Nv Bao)", visited our university. Su Jianpei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, received the delegation warmly. The two parties had in-depth communications over the methods to strengthen cooperation and achieve mutual success based on mutual help.

Su Jianpei expressed sincere thanks for the long-time support and care given by “Metropolitan Women(Du Shi Nv Bao)”, and introduced basic information and achievements of Shandong Women’s University, pointing out that the university adheres to characteristic development and offers a series of characteristic courses for students to improve women’s comprehensive quality and strengthen the characteristics of “self-esteem, self-confidence, self-independence and self-improvement”, including Introduction to Women and Putonghua and Etiquette. In July, 2015, the university cooperated with Shandong Women’s Federation and established Shandong Women’s Entrepreneurship University, providing guidance and service for women in innovation and entrepreneurship. This just accords with the ideology of “Metropolitan Women(Du Shi Nv Bao)” in highlighting female perspective and strengthening women’s characteristics. Su Jianpei hoped that the two parties could strengthen cooperation, achieve mutual success based on mutual help and friends from news media could continuously provide support and care for Shandong Women’s University, helping the university tell its stories in a lively and wonderful way and spread the voice of the university far and wide.

Zhu Ming expressed his thanks for the warm reception of the university, introduced the history and development of “Metropolitan Women(Du Shi Nv Bao)”, pointing out that the women’s newspaper is devoted to expanding women’s visions, guiding women’s employment and entrepreneurship, improving women’s quality and providing effective service in daily life for women. The cooperation with Shandong Women’s University would plays a positive role in improving the newspaper’s influence and enhancing the popularity of Shandong Women’s University.

Later, the two parties had communications on tourism, tea art, infant care, marriage, clothing design and women’s self-protection tactics and reached initial consensus in collaboratively making the newspaper and the characteristic column of Wechat.

 Niu Zhiqiang, Deputy Director of “Metropolitan Women(Du Shi Nv Bao)”, together with Han Xiulin, Vice Director of Chief-Editors’ Office, Chen Jianfeng, Chief Inspector of New Media Center, Geng Zonglin, Official of Omnimedia, Li Liang, Entrepreneurship Supervisor of Wei Mai company, and officials in charge of the Publicity Department, the Students’ Affairs Office, the Youth League Committee and the Enrollment and Employment Department of the university also attended the meeting. (Yang Xingkui)