Chinese Language and Culture Workshop

I. Project Description

“Chinese Language and Culture Workshop” is a project undertaken by Shandong Women’s University for foreign students to experience Chinese language and culture during every summer or winter vacation, aiming to promote the communication between Chinese and foreign teenagers and deepen foreign students’ understanding and experiencing of Chinese language and culture.

   Since the operation of the project, students of Arizona State University of America, Han Shin University of Korea and other universities have taken part in this project and spoken highly of it.

II. Contents of the Project

   “Chinese Language and Culture Workshop” project will provide students with courses on Chinese language and Chinese culture (for example, calligraphy, tea art, Tai Chi) and diverse activities for communication and culture experiencing.

III. Application Requirements

   Students on campus of official public or private universities, meet the following requirements:

(1) have basic knowledge of Chinese or the great interest in learning Chinese;

(2) be in a healthy condition and suitable for travelling abroad.

  Team-Lead Teachers, meet the following requirements:

(1) have rich experience in students management;

(2) have the knowledge of China’s situation;

(3) be kind, responsible and capable to cooperatively help manage and communicate with students in the workshop and deal with emergencies;

(4) be in a healthy condition and suitable to travel abroad.

IV. Contact Information of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation

Telephone number: 86-531-86526610