School of Foreign Languages

The School of Foreign Languages offers courses for undergraduate students of 4 majors, including English, Japanese, Russian and Business English, for junior college students of 3 majors, including Applied Korean, Applied Spanish and Business English, and also fulfills the task of offering college English courses for students of the whole university.

Since Shandong Women’s University became upgraded to a regular undergraduate university in 2010, the School of Foreign Languages has focused on cultivating applied talents of foreign languages, strengthening the major construction and specialty cultivation, promoting the reform of talents training mode, strengthening the construction of teaching staffs teams and teaching conditions, standardizing each teaching rule and regulation, strengthening the construction of teaching supervision system, improving the quality of talents cultivation increasingly, and has achieved the initial success of the undergraduate education. Now, with new spirit, the School of Foreign Languages adheres to the motto of the university, “Being Gentle as Land, Being Generous as Sea, Pursuing Perfect Virtures, Upholding Pure Beauty”, devotes to the characteristic development with the solid foundation and tries its best to become a cultivation base for applied talents of foreign languages with distinctive characteristics and complementary multi-subjects to make contributions to the economic and social development of Shandong province.