School of Education

Established in July, 2007, the School of Education offers courses for undergraduate students of 3 majors, including Preprimary Education(normal education), Applied Psychology and Music, and for junior college students of 2 majors, including Preprimary Education and Early Education.

The School of Education has constructed well-equipped multiple-functional experiment and training centre for education and art and built long-term cooperation relationships with 30 kindergartens, which are Provincial Top-Ten, Provincial Exemplary or Provincial Experimental kindergartens, including Shandong Experimental Kindergarten, Jinan Air Force Bureau Kindergarten, Shandong Ginza Preprimary Education Group and Shandong University Preprimary Education Development Centre, and Jinan Women and Children Activity Centre, Children’s Palace of Shizhong District, Jinan Art Museum, Jinan Sheng Hua Tong Xin Education Centre, which all have worked as stable training bases outside school and well satisfied the needs of teachers and students for practical training and scientific research.

For the recent years, the School of Education has cultivated 5,000 qualified educators as graduates for the society, making great contributions to the education cause of Shandong province and being honored as “Shandong Teacher Education Advanced Unit”, “Shandong Heroine Contribution Post”, “Shandong March 8 Red Banner Group”, “National March 8 Red Banner Group” and so on.