School of Economics and Management

The School of Economics and Management offers courses for undergraduate students of 4 majors, including Business Administration, International Economics and Trade, Human Resource Management and Business Marketing and for junior college students of 4 majors, including Business and Corporation Administration, Market Exploiting and Marketing, Logistics Management, Customs Declaration and International Freight, with over 1,900 full-time students at school.

According to the university’s general ideology of running the school and the advantages of women in the administration of companies, the School of Economics and Management orients itself as training “female senior managers” and develops a model with close cooperation with companies, with “School of Chain Business Management” as a platform, “Three-Dimentional Cultivation” and “Packing Management Team Output” as the axis, the five-step-strategy “Classroom Teaching→Company Clubs→Ordered Class→Internship→Employment” as a leading strategy, “X+1+① Ordered Class for Reserve Managers Co-trained by the School and the Enterprises” as the carrier, building a perfect bridge for students to become interns and employees, winning high appraisals from education experts and employers.

The School of Economics and Management has taken effective methods to improve the quality of students’ employment based on enough qualified teachers and plenty of practice opportunities, including holding “ordered class”, making supervisors responsible for employment and hosting job fairs, receiving high remarks of students from their employers.