School of Culture and Communication

Adhering to the motto of the school, “Rich in Knowledge, Constrained by Etiquettes, Sincere Ambition and Speedy Action”, the School of Culture and Communication devotes to the cultivation of applied high-quality talents with the characteristics of “Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Independence and Self-Improvement”, the creative spirit, the practical ability and the sense of responsibility. It offers courses for undergraduate students of 2 majors, including TV Broadcasting and Cultural Industry Management and for junior college students majoring in News Editing and Producing. Its experimental teaching centre has Modern Communication Technology Lab, Apple Non-Linear Editing Lab and News Broadcasting Lab and it also has over 10 bases outside school for internship and training.

The School of Culture and Communication puts emphasis on the second-class activity, organizing students to join groups for the preparation of graduate-study admission exams or for learning English and take part in the social practical volunteer activities, establishing communities with students as the main roles, including film studios, culture creativity studios, news studios, broadcasting studios, Yexuan studios and Shang Mei Reading Club, leading and encouraging students to take an active part in the social practical activities inside and outside school. At the same time, students of our school have played very important roles in the newspaper of the university or of the library, broadcasting station and students journalists group.