School of Accounting

Established in 2007, the School of Accounting now offers courses for undergraduate students of 2 majors, including Accounting and Financial Management and for junior college students of 4 majors, including Accounting Computerization, Accounting, Auditing and Financial Accounting (sino-foreign cooperative education), among which the Accounting Computerization is the Provincial Characteristic Major, Accounting, Accounting Computerization and Financial Accounting (sino-foreign cooperative education) are the Characteristic Majors of the University.

The School of Accounting emphasizes cultivating applied talents and attaches importance to practice, building multi-functional experimental teaching centers for teaching, scientific research and innovative entrepreneurship training, buying 20 softwares for practical teaching based on “Internet+”, establishing multi-functional practice field, automatic practice evaluation and authentic practice environment. It builds 20 bases outside school for internship and practice, including Jinan Zhong Sheng Agency Bookkeeping Financial Consulting Co., Ltd, Shandong Guan Jun Qi Lu Agency Bookkeeping Co., Ltd, Shandong Branch of Tian Jian Accounting Firm(special general partnership), establishing and improving “modularized and progressive” practical teaching system, winning the approval of the Teaching Reform Project in Shandong Province and the Third Prize for Higher-Education Teaching Achievements in Shandong Province.