Department of Basic Courses

Established in 2007, the Department of Basic Courses has five teaching research offices, including Marxism-Leninism, Moral Education, Situation and Policy, Math and Physical Education, offering public basic courses for the whole university, including Ideological and Political Theory, College Math and Public Physical Education, being an important platform for moral education and cultural construction of the university. According to the common rules of higher education, the Department of Basic Courses adheres to the ideology of applied undergraduate education and pays full attention to the special needs of female students for their growth and development, promoting forcefully the reform on basic courses.

The Department of Basic Courses promotes teaching reform on Ideology and Politics and College Math, making breakthroughs in winning the First Prize in 2015 “Higher Education Press” National College Students’ Mathematical Modeling Competition and building 6 characteristic sports team, including an Aerobics team, a Track and Field team, a Women’s Soccer team, a Dragon Dance team, a Kung Fu team and a Taekwondo team.