Shandong Women’s University is a provincial public university offering regular undergraduate education, the only women’s university in Shandong province and one of the three women’s regular undergraduate universities in China. It grew out of Shandong Women Cadres’ School, which was established in 1952, suspended in February, 1961, and reconstructed in December, 1979. In 1987, it changed its name as “Shandong Branch, China Women Administrators’ College”. In 1995, it was renamed “Shandong Branch, China Women’s University”. In March, 2010, it was approved by the Ministry of Education to be transformed into a full-time regular undergraduate university--Shandong Women’s University.

Shandong Women’s University has two campus sites--Yuhan campus in Shizhong district and Changqing campus in Changqing university science park, covering an area of 716,000 square meters, the construction area being 237,400 square meters, of which 128,500 square meters are teaching and administrative areas. There are 68 experimental training rooms, one being provincial experiment teaching demonstration center. The value of teaching facilities totals up to 59,108,600 yuan. The library possesses 1,155,100 volumes of printed books, 1,029 kinds of printed journals, 23 electronic literature databases and 4,241 kinds of electronic journals.

Shandong Women’s University has 749 incumbent teaching staff, of which 632 are teachers. There are 57 professors and 172 associate professors, accounting for 36.23% of the total number of teachers. 90.66% of faculty members have obtained doctoral or master degrees, of which 79 have obtained doctoral degrees and 494 have obtained master degrees. The university has 3 Shandong Provincial Excellent Teaching Teams and 1 Talents Team Training Project for Advantage Disciplines in Universities of Shandong Province. One faculty member enjoys the Special Allowance of the State Council, 4 teachers are honored as Shandong Provincial Renowned Teacher and 6 teachers won the title of Shandong Provincial Excellent Teacher. The university enrolls students from thirteen provinces (autonomous regions) and has 11,410 full-time students currently, of which 7,143 are undergraduate students, accounting for 62.60% of the total number. There are 511 full-time teachers and 123 part-time teachers, the student-teacher ratio being 20:1.

Shandong Women’s University has 10 schools(departments), 27 regular undergraduate disciplines and 22 regular specialized disciplines, covering 8 subjects, including education, law, management, economics, art, literature, engineering and science. The university promotes the construction of disciplines and courses with the aim of cultivating high-quality applied talents and the focus on the cultivation of students’ practical and applied abilities. The university has 1 Provincial Characteristic Discipline for Undergraduates and 17 Provincial Quality Courses, hosts 10 Provincial Educational Research and Reform Projects and undertakes 1 Excellent Kindergarten Teacher Training Reform Project under the Ministry of Education and 1 Excellent Engineer Training Project of Shandong Province. The university has won 1 Second Prize for National Elementary Education Teaching Achievements, 1 First Prize and 3 Third Prizes for Provincial Teaching Achievements. The university has built 2 Provincial Experiment Zones for Talents Training Model Innovation and 1 Provincial Teacher Education Base.

Shandong Women’s University adheres to quality development, emphasizes cultivation of students’ applied abilities and improves the quality of talents training increasingly. For the recent 3 academic years, students have won 126 National Awards and 58 Provincial Awards in the disciplinary competitions of undergraduates, including National Math Model Competition, “Innovation, Creation and Entrepreneurship” for Electronic Commerce, “Internet+” and so on. The overall employment rate for graduates remains to be over 96%, the high quality employment rate stays around 80%, and 94.16% undergraduates find jobs in Shandong province.

Since being upgraded to an undergraduate university, Shandong Women’s University has undertaken 1 National Natural Science Foundation Project, 8 National Sub-Projects and Cooperated Projects and 224 Provincial Projects, winning 68 Provincial Awards for Scientific Research, publishing 29 academic works and 78 textbooks and gaining the approval of 71 national patents. The university makes great effort to developing the specialized and advantaged women’s/gender research, building research platforms, including All-China Women’s Federation Women’s/Gender Research and Training Base, National Research and Experiment Base for Family Education and Talent Resource Development and Management Research Base for Women in Universities of Shandong Province, making a series of achievements and wining All-China Women’s Federation “China Women’s Research Excellent Organization Reward”. With the tenet of deepening women’s research and advocating advanced gender culture, Shandong Women’s University Journal, one of the three women theoretical research journals in China, has been acknowledged as “Excellent Social Science Journal of National Universities”.

Shandong Women’s University adheres to running the school openly and has established the relationship of communication and cooperation with universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises and institutions both in China and abroad. In 2011, the university joined the Global Women’s Education League. In 2014, the university has co-established the China Women’s Universities Consortium with China Women’s University and Hunan Women’s University, devoting to women’s higher education and development with women’s universities both in China and abroad.

Shandong Women’s University adheres to cultivating talents with culture. The university has formed the motto of “Being Gentle as Land, Being Generous as Sea, Pursuing Perfect Virtues, Upholding Pure Beauty”, the ethos of “Unity, Progress,Pragmatic and Innovation”, the spirit of “Continuous Self-Improvement, Indomitability, Pragmatic Innovation and Perseverant Climbing”, the teaching style of “Rigorous Studies, Teaching by Personal Example and Verbal Instruction”, and the learning style of “Assiduous Study, Careful Reflection, Truth-Pursuing and Speedy Action”, with over 60,000 graduates entering the society, educating and training over 20,000 women cadres and outstanding teachers for kindergartens. The university has been honored as National “March 8 Red Banner” Group, National Advanced Group for Students Registration Management, Advanced Group for Teaching Management in Shandong Province, Advanced Unit for Universities’ Research Management in Shandong Province, Advanced Group for Education and Enrollment Examination in Shandong Province, Advanced Group for University Graduates Employment in Shandong Province, “March 8 Red Banner Group” in Shandong Province, Advanced Unit for Employees’ Professional Morality Construction in Shandong Province, Advanced Unit for Foreign Affairs in Shandong Province, Advanced Unit for Enriching People and Developing the Province in Shandong Province, etc.

(update in October, 2016)

[school address]

Campus in Shizhong District: No.45, Yuhan Road, Shizhong District, Jinan City, Shandong Prov, China. Post Code:250002

Southern Gate of Changqing Campus: No.2399, Daxue Road, Changqing University Science Park, Jinan City, Shandong Prov, China. Post code: 250300

Western Gate of Changqing Campus: No.2200, Ziwei Road, Changqing University Science Park, Jinan City, Shandong Prov, China. Post Code:250300

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Telephone number: (+86)-0531-86526788