I. Establishment of Shandong Women Cadres’ School (1952.5--1961.2)

Shandong Women Cadres’ School was established in May, 1952, with its main function of offering short term training courses for women cadres. With lots of things to do at the beginning, staffs of the school, being loyal to the party’s education cause and women’s liberation cause , overcame a series of difficulties. The school had offered 13 courses and trained 2,570 women cadres till June,1960. In February, 1961, the school was suspended as a result of the national economic crisis.

II. Reconstruction of Shandong Women Cadres’ School (1979.11--1987.12)

As China deepened its opening-up and reform, the school entered the stage of reconstruction and further development, expanding its scale and making remarkable achievements in teaching and management. The school had held 18 training courses of various kinds and trained 1,674 women cadres at all levels, offering 3 technical school courses and four college courses to graduates and training 400 students of technical school and college.

III. Shandong Branch, China Women Administrators’ College (1987.12--1995.8)

In December, 1987, Shandong Branch, China Women Administrators’ College was approved by former National Education Committee and Shandong People’s Government to run as a pilot full-time adult university. In May, 1990, the college was transformed into a regular adult university, that is, the administrator’s school. In January, 1994, the university moved to the campus in Tuwu Road.

IV. Shandong Branch, China Women’s University (1995.8--2010.3)

In August,1995, the university changed its name as “Shandong branch, China Women’s University” and became a women’s university with its main function of offering regular university education and various complementary functions, which include adult education, job training, vocational qualification training. In September, 2003, the first-stage project of the new campus in Changqing university science park started the construction. In September, 2005, the whole university moved to the new campus. In March, 2010, the university transformed to be a regular undergraduate university—Shandong Women’s University.

V. Shandong Women’s University (2010.3--)

A new starting point offers the opportunity of new development. In March, 2010, the Ministry of Education officially approved the university to be transformed into a regular undergraduate university. On May 18, 2010, the unveiling ceremony of Shandong Women’s University was successfully held, opening a new chapter for the university’s development. Under the leadership of the university’s Party Committee, students and teaching staffs of the university are devoted to the construction of a qualified undergraduate university with high morale and enthusiasm, making great achievements in teaching, scientific research, social service, students management, foreign exchange, logistical support, party’s construction and other areas, promoting the university to achieve the great-leap-forward development. At present, the university is marching steadily towards the ambitious goal of building a high-level women’s university.